All-In-One hotel management system that makes you more money, saves time, and makes guests happier! All the products you need in one platform. Xeenia Suite consists of :

Hotel Digital Marketing Technology

Our Full- Fledged Digital Marketing Boosts Your Hotel's Direct Bookings

Organic Search Engine Optimization

Many hotels fall short of their set objectives not because of inferior services but from the lack of online knowledge and tools for sales conversion.

This is where SEO Marketing comes in – to provide an in-depth assessment of what the website need and should have. This will in turn help determine and efficiently rank your website for what it should.

Local Search Engine Optimization

Being visible is paramount to a hotel, not only in the physical sense but also in the digital sense. As mentioned earlier, the digital landscape is becoming increasingly important to businesses especially for hotels. Local SEO Marketing will put your hotel’s site on the search engine map using high-quality on-page content to off-page local business SEO strategies.

Ranking for the right words are important but what is more important is to be doubly sure that your market are able to find you easily. As such, your local listings will be set up by us in top online business listing sites.

Search Engine Marketing

We will help set up a Google AdWords account on your hotel’s behalf for any form of paid marketing campaigns which will only help improve your site’s performance. Initial keyword research and budget analysis will be provided by our team to carefully maximize exposure and boost conversions.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is a must for any hotel as most people spend long periods of time on social media sites. We will not only create and maintain your hotel’s social media page but also ensure that it remains as rewarding and informative to your core target market with announcements of events, festivals and promotions.

Email Marketing

One of the most cost-efficient methods of building a lasting relationship with your guests and users is in the form of email marketing. An integral part of any internet marketing plan, your hotel’s email marketing content will look to engage your guests with high quality contents catered specifically to entice them.

Website Design & Development

Your customers are your most important and thus, we goes above and beyond in ensuring that your site is aesthetically easy on the eye. First impressions are the most imperative and as such, our team of designers will provide you with a site that is professional, personal and informative.

Customer Support Marketing

A hotel with a strong Customer Support System can be the difference in not only the conversion of sales but also the retention of guests. With that in mind, our Customer Support System is designed to help you improve customer support efficiency by providing your staff with the tools they need to deliver fast, effective and measurable support.

Online Reputation Management

We make sure to handle your reputation with the care you expect. That means acting as your de facto public relations agent to ensure your brand is being treated with the respect it deserves, and taking action to curve negative comments in the online community.

OTA Management

Communication and management of the brand’s account will be handled carefully by giving clients a hassle-free platform to market its services.

Data Analytics Reporting

To ensure that your hotel’s website is on the right track and producing the results that you hope to see, we will furnish you with monthly reports on the performance of your website from traffic data to keyword searches and heat map tracking statistics. The results of your site will be measured not only by rankings but also traffic and conversions as well.

Hotel Keyword Analysis

Our keyword research is tailored to your specific hotel property details, such as the brand, location and geographical terms, and nearby attractions and events. In this new age where technology grows ever so quickly, it is our responsibility as business owners to embrace these technologies and adapt to it to our advantage.

As such, we take advantage of new media such as YouTube to provide comprehensive analysis of video-oriented keywords that rank high in the most widely used search engines like Google and Bing.