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Monday June 24th, 2019

Malaysia Islamic Tourism Center to Launch Halal Holiday For World Muslim in Advance of Eid Al-Adha

Digitization transformation for travel agencies to achieve 36 million tourists for “Visit Malaysia Year 2020” KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA, June 24, 2019 — WHHM Berhad announces to launch, […]
Sunday March 31st, 2019
Muslim Friendly International Travel Digital Platform

HWH Announces Collaboration with MUSFITS, RAFA and POTO Well-Set Muslim Friendly International Travel Digital Platform

Opportunity in the sustainable growth of Halal Tourism in Asia Travel Market. KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA, March 31, 2019 — “Ain’t No Fool” to work together as […]
Friday January 12th, 2018
The Master of Entrepreneurship and Investment Internet Movie

The Master of Entrepreneurship and Investment Internet Movie

Finally the Internet movie “The Master of Entrepreneurship and Investment: Setting a Small Goal”, sponsored by HWH International Corp had been released. Watch online here : The Master […]
Friday December 15th, 2017

Private Investor Roadshow for Hotel Wealth Holdings 14 DEC 2017

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Thursday December 7th, 2017

Private Investor Roadshow for Hotel Wealth Holdings 6 DEC 2017

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Friday September 22nd, 2017

HWH International Corp Invited for Bullvestor Round of Pitching

HWH International had successfully making into the Final Round of Bullvestor! Our great presentation in the first round pitching has left a remarkable impression on Bullvestor committee […]
Sunday September 10th, 2017

Penang Hotelier Private Roadshow – A Successful Event

Friday August 25th, 2017
Hotelier Private Roadshow

Penang and Ipoh Hotelier Private Roadshow

Do you want to list your Hotel Business in the Stock Exchange? The Hotel of the future will be what AI and Robots can offer you […]
Friday August 18th, 2017

Private Hotelier Roadshow – Melaka and Johor Bahru

Do you want to take your hotel to IPO Listing? Falling occupancy, Low ARR, High staff turnover, Licensing / compliance issues – heaps of distressed news […]