What Do Guests Want From a Modern City Hotel?

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What Do Guests Want From a Modern City Hotel?

Modern City Hotel

Hotels that already benefit from a great location and good transport links in small and large cities have to think more creatively when it comes to giving guests things they can’t get from another hotel.

And it goes way beyond offering multiple charging sockets and fast, reliable wifi to upload all those holiday pictures onto social media before you fly home.

Unique experiences

Travel nowadays is all about the experience. Consumers want to immerse themselves in other cultures and live like locals when they visit new destinations. Modern hotels embody the best parts of their city in everything from design to food and beverage offerings.

Appealing to specific interests is another selling point for consumers. Hotels are creating experiences that attract groups of people that share a specific interest – foodies, art lovers, and even fitness fanatics can book a room at a hotel that feels like it was built just for them.

Creative hotels come out on top

There’s no standard checklist for meeting all the criteria for being a modern city hotel. However, those that get it right have one big thing in common; they all offer guests something different, whether it’s a cultural experience or a unique place to rest their head at night. Their strategy is working – each hotel was featured on Travel + Leisure’s list of top city hotels in the U.S.

“Hotels that embrace their local culture and offer guests memorable experiences are carving a unique space for themselves and garnering lifelong customers,” says Guichardo. “As travel habits change over time, hotels that adapt to the modern consumer will be poised for long-term success.”

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