3 Simple Ways to Attract More International Travelers

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3 Simple Ways to Attract More International Travelers

International travel

International travel is now fully-fledged. Anyone can travel anywhere, anytime they like.

And international leisure guests can often be more valuable to your small hotel as they tend to stay longer and spend more, given they have saved up for several weeks of annual leave.

With the growth of global travel showing no signs of slowing down, securing these international bookings is an absolute must for hotels that want to become profitable.

Here are three simple ways to attract more international guests to your hotel:

1. Increase your language and currency capabilities
If your booking engine isn’t optimised for multiple languages and currencies, it’s likely you’ll experience a high number of abandoned bookings. So to help you decide which languages to focus on, use free web tools like Google Analytics. You can see which countries you’re getting the most views from and start targeting those key areas.

2. Stay active on social media
As with Google, Facebook can tell you where your followers are from. With this information you can start posting content to engage the international target audience you want to attract, or use targeted ads.

3. Maintain your website
Few things are more important than the overall aesthetic and functionality of your hotel website. If it’s slow and looks old, guests will view this as a representation of your property and service.

Keeping your hotel’s website up-to-date doesn’t have to be difficult! All-in-one systems with website building technology are specifically designed for hotels that want to attract and convert more guests online.