Creative and Cultural Business Industries Association Helps Businesses Excel

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Creative and Cultural Business Industries Association Helps Businesses Excel

Chairman Jie Yun Chen of the Malaysian Creative and Cultural Business Industries Association believes that there is a huge cultural potential in Malaysia, yet creativity is lacking. The Association will bring our local businesses out of the creative bottleneck, help them reinvent themselves and create new business miracles.

They will host a cultural and creativity summit titled “Cultural and Creativity Summit 2017 – the Golden 10 Years” at the Kuala Lumpur And Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall from 9AM to 6PM on 13rd and 14th of May. The event is expected to attract 1000 attendants, and has invited 8 world class experts in different areas as guest lecturers.

Cultural and Creativity Summit 2017 – the Golden 10 Years

A Two-day Summit

The Cultural and Creativity Summit will last for 2 days. There are 8 sessions.

DAY 1 :
8:30am : News Report
9-10am : Exchange Exhibitions
10-12noon : Opening Ceremony
12-1pm : Meal Time
1-2pm : Guest Lecturer 1
2-3pm : Guest Lecturer 2
3-4pm : Guest Lecturer 3
4-5pm : Guest Lecturer 4
5-6pm : Exhibition Road Show and Intellectual Property Trades

DAY 2:
8:30am : News Report
9-12noon : Exchange Exhibitions
12-1pm : Meal Time
1-2pm : Guest Lecturer 5
2-3pm : Guest Lecturer 6
3-4pm : Guest Lecturer 7
4-5pm : Guest Lecturer 8
5-6pm : Exhibition Road Show and Intellectual Property Trades & Closing Ceremony

The admission fee before 30th of April is 150 Malaysian Ringgit. After the early bird cutoff, the fee will be RM300.

Cultural and Creativity Summit 2017

HWH International Corp’s CEO, Jerry Ho, will be presenting in the Cultural and Creativity Summit 2017


Chairman Jie Yun Chen has business ties over 16 countries. During the interview, he pointed out that, comparing all the countries he has travelled to, Malaysia is lacking behind in the areas of information collection and cultural and creativity related fields. Malaysia needs to tighten the information technology gap from foreign countries.

Chen believes that Malaysia has a wealth of cultural and historical background. The foundation for creativity has always been here, yet innovations and ideas are seldom developed. Malaysians also do not have a good grasp on the concept of copyrights and intellectual properties.

“Appropriate operation and product marketing are necessary for a business to run successfully. Otherwise the business can never make profits. Capital management is essential to convert invisible assets into real revenues, to maximize earning margins.”

Chen feels that the potential is wasted, that the rich cultural background did not get thoroughly developed here in Malaysia. It is not necessarily true that Malaysia is currently in an economic downturn. As long as entrepreneurs can utilize their creativity and rich cultural background, new breakthroughs can always be found, and thus discover the commercial value.

“The Creative and Cultural Business Industries Association was founded in January this year. Our goal is to help local entrepreneurs understand the core value of cultural creativity, so that they can achieve breakthroughs. With the trades of intellectual properties, unlimited commercial values and business models are brought to the table.”

“To put it simply, cultural creativity can be categorized into 5 areas: Culture, Creativity, Intellectual Property, Business Model, and Capital Management. Every aspect is as important as the others.”


To Expand New Business Opportunities

Chen wishes through this summit, interested Malaysian entrepreneurs, who may have experienced creative bottlenecks, can be educated and equipped with knowledge and understanding of cultural creativity, thus improve business sales and bring forth new opportunities. Cultural creativity covers vast areas of businesses, from real estate trading to gift sales. When proper methodologies are utilized, sales miracles are well within reach.

He also believes that the next 10 years are going to be the “golden age.” Malaysian entrepreneurs should definitely not missed this summit, for the information and business networking opportunities.

The Creative and Cultural Business Industries Association was founded upon the ideology of promoting cultural creativity in Malaysian businesses, utilizing intellectual property protections and achieving new forms of revenue models through new business model development. Culture + Creativity + Intellectual Property Protection + Business Model + Capital Management is the approved creative structure by the Association. Through this foundation, the Association aims to help Malaysian business upgrade and transform their business models, to increase competitiveness on the software side, and to connect with major global alliance in the cultural and creative industries; to take in and absorb techniques and methodologies, while giving back to the world and create more commercial values.

Chinese-Malaysian | Journalist: Ting Kuan Yan